About Detectronic

DETECTRONIC A/S is a privately owned Danish company with production facilities based in Denmark. We aim to help our customers provide higher standards for food safety.

DETECTRONIC is the only Scandinavian producer of metal detectors for the food industry. Along with our check weighing systems, we have supplied the worldwide food industry with our products for 34 years. Today we are present in more than 60 countries around the world and we operate our own companies in India, China, and Thailand. Our products are used in most parts of the food industry and we know that demands change when countries change, and we adapt our production and our product range to meet these demands.


DETECTRONIC is a company with focus on sustainable solutions and a clear strategy to be the most environmentally friendly supplier of food inspection machines in the world. Together with local government we embrace in programs to reduce our Co2 footprint of our machines, and today they range as the most eco-friendly machines on the market.

Our focus is to assist our customers in building an effective food inspection program for their production and contribute to increase efficiency and profit with our products and services.

Over the years we have built an extensive knowledge in our field and we are proud to share this knowledge with our valued customers. The DETECTRONIC machines are among the strongest and most reliable machines on the market. They are built to survive in every industry, and in every corner of the world.