Autofeed Variable Data Numbering Printing Machine



Aciyan Print Machinery Manufacturers, Coimbatore Proudly presents,

* First Time In the world
* Unique Never Before Machine

Automatic Feeding * Creasing * Micro-Perforation * Sticker Half Cutting * Variable Data Printing Machine

Variable Data features:

* Numbering
* Barcode (Code 39, QR Code, EAN, 2D code etc)
* Address Printing
* Any Text
* Logo (Bitmap images)

* Print Technology from HP, USA (TIJ 2.5)
* Most economic consumable cost
* User Friendly Software
* Isolation Transformer for trouble free printing
* SMPs for surge protection
* Separate Print Controller Distribution Box
* Encoder/Sensor

Machine Features:

Automatic Feeding
45-300 GSM
Speed; Upto 10000 sheets per hour
Paper size: 18″x23″
Variable Speed
Imported Seamless feeder belt
Bottom Friction Feeding system with 2 feeding heads