Autoprint Fine Coat 65


For years, lamination has been used to protect printed matter and enhance print value. In the recent past, however there has been increasing concern over the environmental impact of traditional lamination methods.

The durability of lamination has also been questioned. Addressing both these issues effectively while enhancing visual appeal of the printed material is the Autoprint Fine Coat 65, an offline UV Coating Machine that helps you add value to your print job and tap the growing potential in this market segment.

Autoprint Fine Coat 65 is an offline sheetfed Flexo Rotary Automatic UV and Aqueous Coater with UV and IR Dryer. It can perform Full or Flood coating, Spot coating and Spot-not window coating of both UV based and water based (Aqueous) coatings. It is equipped with 2 roller coating system including Chrome plated Anilox Roller and doctor blade similar to chamber doctor for better control of UV Varnish solution. It works on letter press dry offset principle with 2 cylinder system. First cylinder is plate cum blanket cylinder.

We can use blanket for doing full or flood coating, whereas Flexo or photo polymer plate to be used for doing spot coating. We can achieve spot-not window coating by using stripped blankets wherever coating is not required. Spot not window coating is mainly used by pharma carton manufacturers to avoid coating on coding and pasting area. It is a brand new dedicated Coater with specially designed grippers and stainless steel coater unit and other parts to withstand the highly corrosive UV Varnish solution.

Hence it is far better and advantageous than the used or converted coater in the long run. Why we have to take big risk on converted coater when you are getting a brand new machine along with dryer combined warranty with marginal difference in cost? The Dryer unit also carries One year spares warranty and 1000 hrs replacement warranty for the UV and IR Lamps. The Lamps and reflectors are of high quality standards imported from Germany.

Autoprint has installed more than 150 machines of Fine Coat 65 in all leading pharma, packaging companies all over India and in abroad as of March 2014. It can handle minimum 60 gsm chromo art mirror coated labels and paper upto 350 gsm board of size upto 19”x26”. The maximum speed is 5500 sheets per hour. It is ideal for large packaging printers as well as for starting Job work Unit for UV Coating, Aqueous Coating, Spot Coating, Post Press process Job for in suitable location for serving cluster of medium commercial printers. It is ideal replacement for lamination as it is environment friendly, highly productive than lamination and also upto 50% cost effective than lamination.



Standard Supply of UV/IR Dryer unit comprising of the following