Heidelberg Cylinder Press



Heidelberg Cylinder Letterpress can be considered as one of the wonders of world! Even after a contentious use of over half a century, this work horse runs like a young & strong race winner. This machine was previously used for letterpress printing. All over the world, Heidelberg Cylinders are getting converted for running stamping and dye-cutting processes.

The biggest advantage of a converted letterpress machine (into Hot Foil Attachment Machine) is that it can run 16 foil strips as narrow as 10mm each in one single job, making holography easy, feasible and affordable.

Transferring of solid patch of the foil on a full size sheet of a machine is easily achievable for a Heidelberg Cylinder Machine.

At Precise Equipments, we have hot foil stamping attachments for the following Heidelberg Cylinder Letterpresses:

Heidelberg KSB (15″ x 20″)  38cm x 51 cm
Heidelberg KSB (15.75″ x 23″) 40cm x 58 cm
Heidelberg KSB (16″ x 22.5″) 41cm x 57 cm
Heidelberg KSB (18″ x 23″)  46cm x 58 cm
Heidelberg S (21″ x 28″) 54 cm x 72 cm
Heidelberg SB (21″ x 30″) 54 cm x 76 cm
Heidelberg SBG (22″ x 30″) 56 cm x 77 cm
Heidelberg SBB (22″ x 32″) 56 cm x 81 cm
Heidelberg SBB1/2 (22.5″ x 32.5″) 57 cm x 83 cm
Heidelberg SBD (25″ x 35″) 64 cm x 89 cm