Manual Die-cutting Machine



efore Installing the foil attachment on Manual Machine. The machine is inspected by our engineers. Whether there is a place to install the fresh foil assembly on the machine. Attachment comprises of-

  1. Single/Double foil pulling station equipped with Japanese stepper motor and Italian Drives. This helps the operator to pull the bigger size foils without decreasing the machine speed.
  2. Honeycomb like heater plate made of graded aluminum consist of various heating zones and PID temperature controller with solid state relay in it. The Heater plate is fitted in the punching chase. Being high quality aluminum the plate is very lite weight and it is easy for operator to handle it. The reason to use graded aluminum plate instead of iron plate is the evenness of the plate from all sides is equal compared to Iron plate, Cause of that the make-ready time requires for the job is very less and heating is also equally contributed all over the plate which gives you better Stamping resulting compared to Iron plate.
  3. Integrated control panel for single/Double foil pulling station. The software install in this panel ensures the exact pull(+/- 1mm) as per the desired size of the job and also help to pull the bigger foil without decreasing the machine speed.
  4. Robust Mechanical fixtures to installed the foil pulling station on the machines.