Introducing Our Unique, Revolutionary, ENERGY-SAVING Shopping Basket Immersion Tank

Bio-Degradable, Germ-Killing, Eco-Friendly

A study has found that we have an average of 150 germs on our hands per day. 72% of handles on shopping baskets and trolleys were tested and shown to have over 1 million germs, traces of E-coli, staph, faecal matter, bacteria, saliva, mucus, urine, blood, juices, dairy and poultry.

Benefits of our revolutionary, eco-friendly, ENERGY-SAVING Basket Cleaning Immersion Tank:
  • Increases availability of clean, germ-free baskets
  •  Cleans between 250 to 600 baskets per day
  •  Reduces labour and chemical costs
  •  Tank retains heat, reducing electricity usage by between 20% and 35%
  •  Cleans, sanitizes and removes shopping basket stains
  •  Only a dedicated plug is required
  •  Easy to maintain
  •  Easy to use
  •  Easy to clean

All our basket cleaning immersion tanks are made to order. The size and the cost of the tank will be determined by the quantity of baskets that need to be cleaned.

Should you place an order for a basket cleaning immersion tank, the manufacturing lead time will be approximately two weeks. As this time is dependent on the availability of material in South Africa, confirmation will be made in writing.

A fifty percent deposit will be required upon acceptance of our quote and the balance is payable on delivery, installation and training of your basket cleaning staff.